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Codependents Anonymous Texas

Meeting Resources

Listed below are resources for both new and established CoDA groups to use for their meetings.

These tools and best practices have been shared by fellow CoDA members for use by other group meetings.  These are only recommendations, as we appreciate the autonomy of the individual meetings within CoDA guidelines.


Foster Community

  • Meeting Service Roles

    • Without volunteers, there would be no meeting​

    • Too frequently, just a couple of people try to do it all.  Clear service roles help spread the workload and makes space to allow others to honor their 12th step.

    • Recommendations for Service Positions (PDF)

  • Group Inventory​

    • ​How can my meeting be even better?

    • Healthy meetings matter.  Many groups use the group inventory to see where their group is doing well, as well as discover areas for improvement.  

    • Group Inventory (PDF)

  • Healthy Meetings

  • Group Conscience Process

    • ​It’s more than just taking a vote.  Reflecting on our traditions, we pause to seek out our Higher Power’s will for what’s best for the fellowship and CoDA as a whole

    • FSM Part 1 - Section 3

  • Restoring Order

    • ​On rare occasions, a meeting may get off track.  This may be due to crosstalk, lack of boundaries, and other things.  Anyone in a meeting may call for “30 Seconds”  and call a “Time Out” for everyone to cease talking and seek guidance from Higher Power. It is always followed by the serenity prayer before resuming the meeting.

    • FSM Part 1 - Section 3

  • Dealing with Disagreement & Resolving Conflict

    • ​Provides guidance for how to deal with disagreements and how to get help when its needed. When there is disagreement among members of the group, it affects the entire fellowship.

    • Dealing with Disagreements (PDF)

  • Group Chat & Social Media

    • Bringing your group together​

    • Groups that have made a decision to implement group chat for member support report a stronger sense of fellowship and belonging.  Implementing a group chat provides for member support between meetings and an opportunity for enhanced fellowship among members. 

    • CoDA Guidelines for Anonymity & Social Media (PDF) 

  • Outreach

    • A method to attract people to your meeting​

    • "We do not advertise in the traditional sense in that we do not push for everyone to join CoDA. We let people know we are here, and then we let them decide for themselves if they want to participate.”

    • FSM Part 2 - Section 2

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