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Codependents Anonymous Texas


From Fellowship Service Manual Part 2

  • A CoDA meeting is much more than a place to sit and tell your troubles, it is a place to meet people like yourself and to learn from those who are different from you; a place to interact with people focused on learning to have healthy and loving relationships.

From the CoDA Book

  • We become accountable for our codependent behaviors which reinforce patterns of devastation in our lives. We grow in humility as we learn of our own shortcomings and defects of character, and we recognize our skills, talents and successes….

  • We also try to complete the work which helps heal our wounds and perhaps those whom we have hurt.

  • If we attempt to complete the Steps alone, we may perpetuate isolation: a common codependent behavior. In time, many of us seek the loving help of those who have traveled this path before us… these Steps cannot be completed quickly or absolutely; they are not quick fixes.

What are the 12 steps of CoDA?

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