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Codependents Anonymous Texas

CoDA Texas needs you!

We need committed folks in recovery to fill the roles of CoDA Texas Regional Service Representatives (RSR). One or two RSRs are needed for each Texas Region: North Texas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Spanish Intergroup.

If you are willing to participate, sign up here:

Responsibilities include:

The RSR will foster communication between groups in their region.  They will act as Intermediary between their regional home groups and CoDA Texas. The RSR will assist in coordination of local “in person” events such as step studies, holiday parties, Regional CoDA Birthday parties, etc.

 RSR Action Items: 


Proactively reach out and introduce yourself and the  RSR

role to the GSRs whose home groups are included in your region.


RSR will represent their region by attending the Quarterly CoDA

Texas meetings.  


Update Regional Pages 


Blogs (announcements) on


Update regional google calendar for events.


Submit “communication request” on for assistance

with flyer creation or google account assistance. 


Encourage regional members to further their recovery by

volunteering for service work at local, state and world level.


Create Regional Chat to communicate with home groups such as

Whatsapp or Discord. Serve as a Group Administrator.


 Time Commitment: Low once established


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