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*New* CoDA Texas Gatherings

Dear Community,We're absolutely thrilled to unveil the NEW CoDA Texas Gatherings, launching April 7, 2024. This is more than just a gathering; it's a collective journey toward connection and growth.Every Sunday at 6:00pm CT via Zoom, we invite you to join us for a state-wide exploration of recovery and community. It's an opportunity to forge new bonds, deepen existing connections, and embody the principles of healthy recovery.

But we need your voice in shaping this experience. Your service, your suggestions, your feedback – they're the heartbeat of our gatherings. Together, we'll create a space that nurtures and empowers each and every one of us.

Please complete the form below to:

  • offer your service,

  • suggestions for topics,

  • and/or feedback.

Someone will get back to you soon. Thank you!

More Details

SUNDAYS @6:00pm via ZOOM:

  • 1st Sunday: Speaker Meetings

  • 2nd Sunday: Open Meetings & Business Meetings (Quarterly: Jan.-April-July-Oct.)

  • 3rd Sunday: 12 Step Focus (Month = Step)

  • 4/5th Sundays: Workshops (Topics Varied)

Here's what's in store:

- On the 1st Sunday, we'll gather for Speaker Meetings, where stories become our guiding lights.

• The 2nd Sunday brings Open Meetings & Business Meetings, grounding us in shared purpose (Quarterly: Jan.-April-July-Oct.).

• Every 3rd Sunday, we'll delve into the 12 Steps, exploring them with curiosity and compassion.

• And on the 4th/5th Sundays, prepare to immerse yourself in workshops that spark inspiration and growth.

This journey is ours to navigate together. Your presence, your insights – they shape the fabric of our community.

So let's lean into vulnerability, let's embrace courage, and let's walk this path together.


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